Big Demo Day is a virtual event hosted by Kerala Startup Mission to help startups showcase their innovative products to various stakeholders and to the common public with an aim to create a more congenial ecosystem for startups to carry out their businesses. Big Demo Day is organized through a virtual exhibition platform where selected startups exhibit their products and solutions to industry specific problems and get an opportunity to make connections with leading industrialists, investors, public companies and government departments etc. Rather than just limiting the exposure to the garner business support for startups, Big Demo Day envisions to create an awareness among the common public about the technology and innovation the KSUM ecosystem puts forward.

Big Demo day 7.0 was hosted on 6th July 2022 by KSUM and the focus sector was Agritech sector which is an important pillar of our country’s economy and is in much need of technological advancement. Backed by increased digitization, government initiatives, and investors’ interest, the Agritech industry in India is growing at a rate of 25% per year. And as India’s startup ecosystem is expanding, entrepreneurs are actively playing their role in generating more business in the agricultural industry. Market players and many new startups are now leveraging technology such as data digitization, data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, SaaS, and IoT to make the agriculture industry more efficient.

Big demo day 7.0 hosted ten startups from the agritech sector who were provided with an opportunity to meet and interact with investors and government officials. Nabard, IKP Knowledge Park, ESAF Small Finance Bank, Agricultural University were among the officials who joined Big Demo day. Investor networks that participated included DFAN, Malabar Angel Network, Indian Angel network and Benzai 10 Investment ventures. A number of industry experts and potential clients joined the event to interact with the startups for potential business opportunities. Toronto Business Development Centre Thai Trade Center, Canberra Pharma, Al Hadbur group of companies, Infenium Technologies Semiconductor Industry Germany etc. were among the many foreign clients who had joined the event to discuss cross country business and cooperation with the Startups. Big demo day 7.0 saw more than 385 visitors, 224 live interactions, 220 business card downloads, and 545 brochure downloads.

As Agritech was the sector that was in focus , more than 20 organizations and institutions relevant to the area partnered with KSUM to support the event. They played a vital role in circulating the event details among their vast network which helped to bring the right audience for the startups. Most of the live interactions from the potential stakeholders converted into business connections for future business activities.

A parallel session on Australia & Far East Market Access Webinar was also held as part of Big Demo Day7.0.Mr Irfan Malik, CEO, InQ Innovation opened the event with Mr. John M Thomas, CEO, Kerala Startup Mission doing the Felicitations and introduction of Kerala Startup Mission. Mr. Mohammad Y Safirulla IAS, OSD, Finance (Resources) Govt of Kerala delivered the Special Address along with Sudhir Basavaraju, India and Middle East Global Markets, Trade and International Investment NSW. A session on “ Australia — India Bi- Lateral Agri/Agritech Pathways” was taken by Mr. Con Livissianis, Chair, Agri Chapter Australia India Business Council (AIBC).Ms. Pip Grant, Agricultural Innovation Australia did a talk on “Australian AgTech Sector & Opportunities” followed by Startup Pitch Overview & Investor Advisor Notes by Mr. James Stewart, Advisor Australian Startup Ecosystem. This was followed by a pitching session for Startups who were part of the Big Demo Day.

As a result of the overwhelming responses and positive feedback received from the Startups, Kerala Startup Mission has decided to host the Big Demo Day event every four months focusing on various sub sectors in order to bring in more targeted visitors which in term will be effective for the startups as their interactions will focused with the right audience. Big Demo day 8.0 will be held on 19th October 2022 and this time the focus will be on the Fintech sector.

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